I think long-distance road trips are the greatest things ever invented.

The hardest part of being in charge of our trip is finding the right balance between:

figuring out where we want to go,

deciding to go a long distance road trip or short trip,

looking at the map,

driving in silence,

driving in sunrise, sunset, or any time in between,

driving while engaging in conversations or with content,

driving listening to music,

focusing hard on the terrain,

asking for help,

adhering to the speed limit and enjoying the scenery,

taking a break to eat, stretch, or rest,

and looking at the rear-view mirror.

There is no correct answer or combination. Some days or weeks necessitate a completely different approach than others.

And while we’re at it, let’s try to enjoy ourselves on the trip as much as possible.

Ps: Driving a car on a road trip or driving a trip of life.

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