“Your contribution is what happens when you’re in the room. Your impact is what happens when you’re out of the room.” – Matt Dunsmoor

I found this quote very profound especially for those who are keen on being impactful.

I’m appreciating that contribution is the process that leads to impact.

GIGO, garbage in is garbage out, if we the process of contribution is right, the impact will be right.

Want to make difference? Focus on contribution, not impact.

Contribution is less about you and your title, but about the people you are impacting.

Being a contributor is about giving, about understanding that you don’t have the final say but are open to others’ input, ideas and feedback. 

Being a contributor means you are less concerned with who gets credit.

You pursue excellence not to get applause or standing ovation but because you want to do your best to make good on your commitment.

If you are in a leadership role, you are likely to be a servant-leader who is concerned about enabling others to succeed.

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