Long before digital platforms, social media and online reviews we have always had the incentive to do the right thing.

The need for the protection of our tribe and a sense of belonging to our community meant we adhered to rules and norms for the benefit of the collective good.

We needed to do right by others, not just ourselves if we wanted to belong. In the past, it was difficult to say one thing and do another.

In a digital world we live in today, this is not the case.

We can pay lip service in public on occasion without doing the hard, often unseen work of caring every day.

Today we are impression artists. We can create impression about certain things without really being those things. And social media has made that easier.

As Steven Pressfield would always say: Do the work.

Silently putting in the hours is always work that truly matters.

There is a difference between being seen to do the right thing and doing the right thing.

There is a difference between talking about something and actually doing it.

Everyday actions speak louder than occasional words.

Don’t talk about it, do it.

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