In the early 1960s, a Brooklyn tax clerk, named Jean Nidetch discovered a powerful and underutilised marketing technique.

When Jean, who had been overweight for years, lost thirty kilos her friends asked her how she did it.

She began sharing her diet secrets with half a dozen friends in her apartment.

Jean’s diet club soon outgrew the apartment.

How did she do it?

The before and after transformations of successful members were all the marketing that was required to convince people to join.

It was from these humble beginnings that Weight Watchers was born.

The before and after photo has been used to market diet and beauty products for decades.

And even though transformation stories would work in the marketing of services, we don’t use them often.

There is no better way to tell your story than to show people who they will become in the presence of your product.

What was your customer’s life like before he used your product or service?

What is his new reality?

And that is your story.

Don’t just say it, show it.

People buy what your product makes them look like, feel like or become.


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