Laugh out loud moments at work

As a consultant working with different entrepreneurs, clients and organisations, I have seen and experienced many leadership styles.

The common ones have been:

1. Leading from the front: This is often the inspirational leader who inspires the team with a great vision and is on the forefront of everything.

2. Leading from behind: This is where the leader is in the background and pushes the team with great interpersonal relationships.

3. Gofer delegation: This is the leader who delegates by micromanaging. ‘Go for this… Do that’ etc. These are the leaders who love to control.

4. Keep the power: These are leaders who generally are good with people but withhold all information, the share little but expects everyone else to share all. They keep their cards close to their chest.

It has been awesome experiencing these kinds of leaders because you learn a lot from their strengths.

A new type of leadership I have recently learned and been exposed to of late with a client I’m working with is “Leadership by laughing a lot.”

One of the best things a leader can do at work is to create a workplace culture that is fun and pleasant.

One of the great pieces of advice when giving a talk is to add humor, share a joke or something funny, even if it is a joke about yourself.

Bringing humor to your leadership makes your journey manageable.

Humor keeps people going.

Humor makes the pain bearable.

Laughing eases the workload.

Laughing at your mistakes makes them easier to overcome.

Laughing at meetings makes them less boring.

Laughing in class makes the class worthwhile.

When something makes you laugh a lot, you want to spend more time with it, this increases productivity.

When you know you are going to have fun and laugh at lot at a place, you look forward to going there, whether it’s work, home or event.

Leadership by laughing a lot means that as a leader, you shouldn’t not be afraid to laugh out loud, to laugh at yourself, to share humorous moments with your team.

Leadership by laughing a lot means creating an environment where your team looks forward to going to.

Two quotes that I really believe in come to mind:

“The biggest mistake adults make that they forget what it is to be young.”


“Our first true moment of growth is when we laugh loud and hard at ourselves.”

Here is to laughing and growing.

We have put together a short leadership programme that will focus various styles of leadership. We are going to explore each in detail and find out which style is suitable for you and for various circumstances. The short course is going to be fun and there will be lots of laughing.

For more information on the short-course, class dates, fees and to register online, please double click on this link: Managing and Leading People Information.

The programme starts in March 2020. Registration is open and you may register online now.




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