Life is full of choices and decisions to be made.

Decisions to be made are dependent on information available.

Better information leads to better decisions.

But this is more difficult than it sounds.

To some people, it means admitting you your initial decisions were wrong.

But of course, you were not wrong. You made a decision based on one set of facts, but now you are aware of something new.

To some people, sunk costs are a real emotional hot button, and walking away from investments of time, of money, and mostly, of commitment, is difficult.

But of course, ignoring sunk costs is a key to smart decision making.

And, to some people, the peer pressure of sticking with the group that you joined when you first made a decision is enough to overwhelm your desire to make a better decision.

“What will I tell my friends?”

A useful phrase you can try:

Sure, I decided that then, when I knew what I knew then. And if the facts were still the same, my decision would be too. But the facts have changed. We’ve all heard them. New facts mean it’s time for me to make a new decision, without regard for what I was busy doing yesterday, without concern for the people who might disagree with me. My guess is that once they realise these new facts, they are likely to make the same new decision I just did.

This decision is more important than my pride.

One of the biggest mantra at LORA Centre is that what is more important is implementation of what you learn, more than just graduating from the programme.

When we know better, we decide better, and most importantly, we do better.

PS Today might be a good day to consider  The Innovator’s DNA: Mastering Five Skills For Disruptive Innovation [Short-Course]. Our next session of this intense workshop is starting in 5 days, and we are accepting applications right now. Looking forward to seeing you in the programme.

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