Let’s look at the last example this time in West Africa, in Nigeria

Access to quality education in Africa is expensive.

The FeesMustFall movement is an example of the frustration students have about high university fees.

The challenge is that even when fees fall, not all students eligible for university will gain access due to capacity constraints.

Meet Gossy Ukanwoke from Nigeria.

Gossy runs Beni American University, Nigeria’s first online university. BAU provides cost effective high quality online courses to thousands of student by connecting technology and education.

In Nigeria, nearly 2 million students competing for 500,000 spots at about 141 accredited universities. This leaves 1,500 000 who can’t get in.

Due to the lack of space and affordable quality education, offering online courses will unlock and give access to thousands of students who cannot afford or access university education.

Since 2014, BAU has graduated over 8000 graduates, currently has 2000 students enrolled.

How is BAU a catalytic innovation?

  1.  Create social change: More young people access education to get jobs and uplift their lives
  2. Scalable: Easy to access online courses by thousands and thousands of students
  3. Meet un-served market: 1,5 millions students who cannot access University education.
  4. Simpler, less costly: Without the cost of paying for the bricks and mortar, physical lectures, online courses are more cheaper and affordable. BAU charges $50 per course, traditional universities charge $250 per course.

Gossy through BAU is democratising access to quality affordable education in Nigeria.

The Catalytic Innovation Model has been applied in Mexico, Bangladesh, India, and other emerging countries.

At the core of this model is:

  • Addressing a social need;
  • Scalable and replicable;
  • Accessible and affordable; and
  • Being able to raise resources.

Today we have tools that can make catalytic innovation more simpler, and affordable.

For example: 3D Printing, Solar energy, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Big Data, make it easier to build solutions at reduced costs and increased accessibility.

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