Thank you means two things.

There is the “thank you” that I say when you have been reading my mind, pushing the perfect buttons, saying exactly the right thing at exactly the right time.

This is heartfelt, but it is also selfish, in that it is about my narrative and no one else’s.

And then there’s the “thank you” of caring. Of effort. Of consideration.

This is the thank you that recognises the other, her effort, her kindness and her sacrifice.

The thank you of showing up, of doing work that matters, of caring, or pushing the status-quo, of being loyal and faithful even when no one is looking [especially when no one is watching].

This thank you has nothing at all to do with whether it is just what you wanted, and everything to do with the power of connection and care.

Thank you for everything you do. Most important, thanks for living your dreams out loud, bringing generosity, insight and wonder to the work you do.

I wish you a super wonderful 2018. And thank you, both ways.

All the best and God bless.

Being on this journey with you is the reward.

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