Newness fades, it is a new year on the 1st of January, maybe the year is still new on the 15th of January, but I’m sure the newness of the year starts fading by March, I’m sure it is no longer a new year by April.

Anything new at some point starts to fade.

Your creative work, your art won’t last.

And sometimes the most beautiful and important things are the ones we see fading away.

New things by definition bring something new into the world, but that newness cannot remain forever, or there would be no room for more new things.

The impermanence of something new is not a bad thing, any more than the tail of a coin is a bad thing when you are hoping for heads. You can’t have one without the other.

The creation of something new also means the fading of something that was new at some point.

01 January 2016 ceased being a new year when 01 January 2017 came, and 2018 will erase the newness of 2017.

Just like a new relationship, the challenge is not to keep it new, it is do new things, to start new things, to go deeper and discover new levels.

Some people are quick to turn their backs on others when they find ‘something’ shiny and new to play with.

Well that’s until the shine and newness wears off.

Just like a surfer on his board, he does not just surf one wave and then packs his bag and go home, he goes for another new wave, and another on the same waters.

Just like a skier, he does not ski down the mountain once and then goes home, he goes up again and does another new round, and another on the same mountain.

Just like your tweet or Facebook post, you don’t deactivate your account when no one retweets or likes your one post.

Today’s tweet is new, but it’s newness will fade over time until you post a new one.

The leaves on a branch fades aways and makes way for new leaves.

A new job stops being new at some point.

A new business stops being new at some point, the entrepreneur does not close it when it’s newness fades, he introduces new offerings, new ideas, redesigns the reception area, retrains staff, goes for self development courses etc.

Newness fades, knowing this, the challenge is not to try keep the newness longer, [because it fades anyway], but to come up with new things all the time.

The idea is not to go shopping for something new and replace the old with the new, the idea to consider producing something new with your hands, make that art, sew that dress, write that book, do that podcast, record that video, build that app etc.

What do we do when the newness fades: we refresh, go deeper, refurbish, renew, we keep surfing for new waves. Like Dory says “Keep swimming.”

The challenge is not to prolong the newness, but to start anew.

The oxymoron of this is that you keep the newness going by starting new things within the  the new.

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