Give Me 5

Hospitals rarely advertise themselves on the media. Its rare to find or see a hospital advert on the newspaper or television.

Medi-Clinic hospital which looked after former president Mandela could easily have capitalised on this, I can imagine their tag-line “We looked after Tata.” Instead Medi-Clinic is not taking “advantage” of this. (I know there are rules governing medical practitioners advertisements).

In the world of medicine, a customer/patient is free to choose where they will be treated. In order for satisfaction to be achieved, quality and caring must be maintained. The best form of advertising for a hospital is good customer services which will result in a word of mouth, the same principle applies in business.

A dissatisfied customer or patient will speak of negative experiences. A satisfied patient or customer will tell the world of their great experience!Reputations are at stake.

Customer service is critical in attracting customers. Good customer care is good advertising. Customers talks all the time.

Conversations among the members of your marketplace happen whether you like it or not. Good marketing encourages the right sort of conversations.

Looking to better marketing campaigns for winning business? It starts with participating in customer conversations. Conversations lead to relationships over time. And relationships lead to more trust and winning business.

A brand is not what we tell our customers it is, but is what our customers tell their friends it is.

Super heroes window washers at a kids ward is great customer care.

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