The basic definition of entrepreneurship is about starting something from nothing and growing it.

Growth is fundamental to entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs are different, there are those who happen to own a business of the same size for a number of years, from generation to generation Those are what we typically call life-style entrepreneurs. Their businesses revolve around their lifestyle.

A business that is not growing is a business that is dying.

The business environment is always changing and therefore if you are not innovating and growing, other new entrants will catch up with you and render your business less competitive.

Growth means exploring other markets, introducing new products, and sometimes acquiring other businesses through mergers and acquisitions. It is about challenging the status quo, continuous improvement. Entrepreneurs change things even if they are not broken in the quest to do better.

When your business is not ready for big clients, take it easy, grow organically with small clients, perfect serving small clients to an extend where big companies will see value proposition. Keep selling to small clients, the big ones will come. Perfect serving the small so that later on you can perfect servicing the big.

Be careful when you scale your business, don’t confuse growing too quickly with success.

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