The definition of a revolution: it destroys the perfect and enables the impossible.

The music business was perfect.

Radio, record label companies, music stores, limited access to recording studios, the replaceable nature of the LP, the baby boomers… it all added up to a business that seemed perfect, one that could run for ever and ever.
Music CD vs Itunes

The book business was perfect.

Hard cover books, libraries, bookstores. Books could only be sold and bought over-the-counter. The bricks and mortar bookstores were places to hang-out, we even built coffee shops around them.
Noble House: 3.5 lbs vs 1.4 lbs

The business of taking pictures was perfect.

You get yourself a camera, a good camera, the more you are willing to invest in a good camera you will get perfect footage. You even had to develop the negatives to become positive, clear and beautiful pictures.
Old Camera vs Digital Camera

The digital revolution destroyed this perfect business while enabling the seemingly impossible: easy access to the market by new musicians, easy access to the electronic books, and easy access to a good camera on your smart-phone.

Over a short space, the digital revolution has destroyed the perfect and enabled the seemingly impossible. You can download a song on your phone, read an ebook on your tablet, take a picture on your phone, all these seemed impossible a while ago. After-all why buy the entire music CD if you only like two songs in the entire album.

Why carry that big book in your limited luggage space if you can have it electronically in your tablet. I can hear some saying I prefer my old way of reading the hardcover book. Yeah sure old habits die hard, but eventually die.

If you are in love with the perfect, prepare to see it swept away. If you are able to dream of the impossible, it just might happen.

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