I held a masterclass for entrepreneurs today on how to give a pitch presentation, and I asked them to practice their pitches so I could give them feedback.

One of the entrepreneurs used humour in her pitch for her restaurant. She said:

What did the mayonnaise say when the fridge door opened? “Close the door, I’m dressing.” 🙂

I smiled at this pun and appreciated the use of humour in her pitch.

Using humour when pitching your business can be a powerful tool for entrepreneurs.

Humour can help you to break the ice, connect with your audience, and make your presentation more memorable.

Humour is like a commercial break from your serious stuff, it is small break to recharge and keep listening.

Just like a commercial break can provide a brief respite from the main programming, humour can provide a mental break from more serious or dense material.

A successful pitch should aim to connect with the audience on both an intellectual and emotional level.

While the logical and rational aspects of a pitch are important, it’s also important to appeal to the emotions of the audience.

By using language and stories that evoke emotions such as empathy, excitement, laughter or inspiration, a pitch can create a powerful connection with the audience.

This connection can help build trust and make the audience more likely to remember your pitch.

A pitch that talks to both the mind and the heart can be very effective in conveying a message and achieving its goals.

It’s important to use humour strategically and sparingly, so it doesn’t distract from the overall message of the pitch.

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