Being a soft-hearted person in a hard world can be hard, because it can feel like you’re always going against the flow.

It takes a lot of inner strength to keep being kind and caring even when life is hard and other people are harsh.

In the same way, having a strong soul in a chaotic world means being strong when bad things happen.

It means having the courage to face problems head-on and not letting the chaos of the world drag you down.

Being both strong and soft is important for navigating the ups and downs of life.

Being strong allows you to face challenges with resilience and determination, while being soft allows you to maintain empathy, kindness, and compassion towards yourself and others.

Imagine a river flowing through a valley. The river must be strong enough to cut through the rocks and earth, carving its path through the landscape. At the same time, the water must be gentle and fluid enough to adapt to the changes in the environment and support the life around it.

Similarly, in life, you need both strength and softness to navigate the challenges and relationships around you.

Being too hard and rigid can make it difficult to adapt to changes and connect with others, while being too soft and pliable can make it challenging to stand up for yourself and achieve your goals.

It’s a delicate balance that requires mindfulness, self-awareness, and practice.

Ultimately, both of these qualities [being soft-hearted and having a hard soul] require a balance of vulnerability and resilience.

It’s important to stay true to your compassionate nature while also developing the inner strength to handle whatever life throws your way.

You matter, your life matters.


Image: by David Mark

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