What drives you?

Dissatisfaction about something in your life or the desire to contribute?

The two may appear similar yet have quite different outcomes.

When you’re driven by dissatisfaction, you’re focused on what you don’t have or what’s not working in your life.

Examples of being driven by dissatisfaction includes:

  • Pursuing a career solely for financial gain – this could involve choosing a job or career path based on the potential for a high salary or status, rather than a genuine interest or passion for the work.
  • Seeking constant external validation – this could involve constantly seeking praise or recognition from others, rather than finding fulfilment and satisfaction from within.
  • Focusing solely on personal success – this could involve a mindset where one is always striving to be the best, achieve the most, and outperform others, without considering the impact they have on others or the world around them.

While these can be a powerful motivator in the short term, they can also lead to a cycle of constantly seeking more and never feeling satisfied.

You might achieve success, but it may not bring you the fulfilment you’re seeking.

On the other hand, being driven by contribution means that you’re focused on making a positive impact on the world around you.

When you’re driven by service, you’re focused on what you can give rather than what you can get. This can lead to a sense of purpose and fulfilment that goes beyond any individual accomplishment.

Examples of being driven by contribution includes:

  • Creating something that adds value to others – this could involve developing a product or service that solves a problem or meets a need for others, rather than solely focusing on personal gain or profit.
  • Using one’s skills and abilities to benefit others – this could involve using one’s talents or expertise to help others, such as offering free consulting services or teaching a skill to those in need.
  • Working towards a cause or mission that benefits society – this could involve dedicating one’s time and resources towards a larger cause or mission that benefits society, such as advocating for environmental protection or social justice

There’s nothing wrong with being dissatisfied or desiring personal achievement. But, in order to have a genuinely meaningful life, you must prioritise service and giving back [contribution].

The two don’t have to be mutually exclusive, tt all comes down to striking a balance.

Being driven by dissatisfaction may take you far, but being driven by contribution can take you to infinity and beyond.

Choose wisely.

In the end, it’s contribution that leads to a life that’s truly matters.

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