I’m willing to work on that” implies that we are open to improving ourselves and are willing to put in the effort to make changes.

This phrase suggests that we are not satisfied with the status quo and are actively seeking ways to grow and develop.

On the other hand, “that’s just how I am” implies a certain level of resistance to change or growth.

It suggests that we are not open to feedback or suggestions for improvement and that we are content with remaining as we are.

By acknowledging that we have areas for improvement and expressing a willingness to make changes, we create a culture of continuous improvement.

Conversely, the phrase “that’s just how I am” can be a way of avoiding responsibility for our actions and behaviours, and can be a barrier to personal growth and positive change.

By normalising a growth mindset and a willingness to work on our weaknesses, we create a more positive and constructive approach to personal and interpersonal development.

Let’s get rid of our comfort zone and enjoy the beauty of growth.

Let’s say no to the lie of staying unchanged and hold on to the promise of hope.

Even though we have flaws and are limited in time and space, we also have the light of possibility, the spark of potential.

“I would like to become a better _________ [insert an area you want to grow on], I’m working on that.”

The promise of the future begins to shine brighter for those who are open to personal development and change.

With each step they take with determination, they move closer to finding solutions to the challenges they face.

Normalise “I’m willing to work on that” instead of “that’s just how I am.”

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