A long while ago, my late father took me out to dinner while I was going through a difficult patch in my life.

After sitting down and ordering food, he inquires about my well-being.

I tell him I’m not in a good place and proceed to describe the events that led me here. [I don’t recall the specifics, but I was clearly not in a good place emotionally.]

Instead of interrupting me, he stayed silent and listened. He was not a big talker, he always listened during conversations, and this time was no different.

After a while of listening, his next question to me was whether or not I still pray and attend church regularly.

I said: “I had stopped going to church because I needed to fix some of these issues that were bothering me.” Before I could even finish rationalising why I haven’t been attending to church, I just knew in my mind that I was simply spouting trash.

He then responded by saying:

“No, you don’t wait until you’ve solved all your problems before going to church. You keep going to church, and that will help you solve your problems. Let God guide you through your problems.”

It was such basic, simple advice, which I completely missed during my challenging times.

Everyone has priorities. We prioritise work, relationships, budgets, and schedules.

God must be our first and main focus. Our lives should revolve around him.

When we put God first, we decide He is more important than anybody else, His Word is more precious than any other message, and His will is more significant than any other imperative.

Since then, I never stopped praying, praising and worshipping, or attending church, but also very importantly, being a person who cares and always serves. The goal is to be blessed to be a blessing. To whom much is given, much will be required [Luke 12:48].

Today has been an emotionally difficult day because today is my late father’s birthday, and of all the advice and guidance he has given me, I have been marinating myself on this one a lot:

Start with God and let him guide you through your problems.

Start with God, stay with God, end with God.

Thank you so much, Bra Peter, and have a blessed heavenly birthday.

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