Due to the power outages, we have been experiencing, it is common to walk into a completely dark room.

Visualise yourself entering a pitch-black room from a brightly lit one. You could injure yourself if you try to move too quickly.

You could accidentally bump into a bed, table, or wall.

However, if you wait a minute or so, you’ll begin to get a feel for the room.

After a while, your vision will settle, you will walk more carefully, taking shorter steps, and you may even reach out with your hands to make sure you aren’t about to bump into something and fall.

After your eyes have fully adjusted to the darkness, you will feel more at ease and be able to step up your pace.

Change works in a similar fashion.

When life throws a lot of unexpected changes at us, making quick or rash decisions might hurt us severely.

When our lives change unexpectedly, it hurts because we shift from a known circumstance to an unknown one.

But if we slow down, let the change sink in, and take baby steps while we get used to our new environment, we should be able to get moving again.

Slow down, pause if necessary, forgive yourself, and give yourself time to slowly adjust. Once you’ve adjusted, take it one step at a time, acquire confidence, and build from there.

Our ability to adapt to change is remarkable.

Like walking into a dark room, you’ll need some time to adjust to your new surroundings before you can move forward.

It’s important to be kind and understanding to ourselves during this process, as change can be challenging.

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