Just a short story: my business started failing while I was busy getting awards and winning competitions, when everyone was praising me for doing well; the process of failure was unfolding behind the scene. Don’t let people’s praises, winning competitions, being on TV and radio or being a speaker everywhere fool you. That is good, but it does not necessarily mean you are successful, the devil is in the detail that no one else sees but you. Don’t let those things make you take your eyes off what matters.

When I won SAB Kickstart regional awards and was nominated for the national, my business was already bleeding but when I entered the competition, I was still fine as all the financials I submitted were still showing growth, profits and a good forecast, no one knew things were about to change for the worst. The winnings were based on past performance but what was happening at the time when I was receiving the awards was a different story. The process had started, and it was moving very fast on a downward trajectory.

Dr Jabulile Msimango-Galawe, Dear Mr Entrepreneurship

This so resonated.

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