Earlier on in the day, while I was just goofing around in ChatGPT, and chatting with a friend about Artificial Intelligence, as we were chatting, I typed the following on ChatGPT on my laptop: “Write a sermon on the baptism of Jesus Christ.”

The following reply was typed by ChatGPT within a minute of the initial query:

Within a minute of being asked, I was given a page-long sermon on the baptism of Jesus Christ.

An artificial intelligence app has generated a sermon in less than a minute, less than a MINUTE! This is something that normally takes pastors hours to write.

When one considers that this is only the beginning of ChatGPT, one can’t help but wonder what it will be like in another two years.

Ps: I know that my pastors will preach to me about sermons being written in the spirit and not the physical world, I acknowledge that 🙂

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