During a strategy session with a client a few days ago, the company’s chairman told a story about why the organization was started.

He talked about how he used to fight poverty and try to help poor people get out of it, until he thought, “Maybe, just maybe, if I start a company and it does well, I can hire people and help them get out of poverty.”

After he told that story, everyone in the room said, “Ah, I see.”

Most people remember and feel connected to this moment.

People love stories, and they remember them much better than facts and goals.

Everything else made sense after the story was told.

We must tell stories first.

Instead of telling me how many school bags you have given out, tell me about a kid who had to carry her books in a plastic bag and how when that bag tore, she had to carry them with her hands, and how now she can carry all her books and stationery in her new school bag.

Numbers are cold [we distributed one thousand bags], but stories are warm [the story behind the happiness on the face of a young girl holding the school bag].

All your decisions were inspired by a story. From the decision about whether to wear a mask during a pandemic to charity donations.

The story you heard, believed or told yourself influenced those choices.

Why don’t we use stories more?

Why not use stories daily in work and life?

You don’t need to be an epic storyteller, the key is to put yourself in the mindset of a storyteller and hone your storytelling skills.

Lead with a story first and then tell the rest.

I understand what it is that you’re trying to sell, and I’m aware of the existence of the things you’re promoting, but please tell me a story.

People love stories, they need stories.

After a few days have passed since the strategic session, it’s possible that I don’t recall many of the topics that were addressed over the course of those two days; but, I do remember the story that the chairperson shared.

This is the power that comes from telling stories.

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