No one is ignoring you, they are simply waiting for you to succeed.

They are waiting for you to announce your accomplishments before they move you up on their priority list.

When you’re a no-one, no one cares about you.

When you first begin to make money and become successful, everyone around you will suddenly treat you as though you are the smartest, most amazing person in the world.

It’s like overnight, they’re drawn to you, laugh at your jokes [even when they are not funny] and take pictures with you.

Hold your peace and keep quiet in your success, just as you did in your struggles.

When you lose everything, the same people who said I will never leave you, watch how they run.

Lose your job, or lose your title, and see how they stop calling you or taking your calls.

There are true friends, and then there are “friends” who are attracted to you because of your newfound success.

They are attracted to your position, not you.

True friends are rare.

There are those who can be considered loyal friends, and then there are some who are drawn to positions of authority. They are drawn to the position you have, not you personally.

It is important to have a solid understanding of both the people who join your circle of friends after you achieve success and the people who were friends and had faith in you while you were a rough diamond.

Real friends cared for you while nobody knew you. Those people are rare, look after them.

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