A remarkable research by Pew Research covering 17 countries explored the question: “What makes life meaningful?”

The top three were:

[1] Family,

[2] Careers/occupation, and

[3] Material well-being,

with friends and health close behind.

The similarities and differences between nations were also highly interesting to consider. However, spending time with family remained the priority almost all of the time.

There are many more fascinating observations from the report. Younger people [ages 18-29] ranked friends as the most meaningful. Older people [ages 65+] ranked health and retirement highest.

Women mentioned families slightly more than males. Well-off people talk about money more. Left-wingers were more likely to emphasise nature than religion.

This shows that everyone has their own meaning. Different sources provide meaning in different amounts.

As with everything in life, it helps to take time to discover what works for you.

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