When people are there for you, it becomes effortless for you to want to be there for them.

They don’t make noise about being there for you, they don’t tag or post, they are just there, quietly supporting you. This is not a quid pro quo kind of thing, it is the support they want to give you because they believe in you.

Some of the best help you can get is the help that comes quietly, not flashy.

It’s not always the support with all the bells and whistles or the drum majorette support that provides the most comfort; sometimes it’s the rock-solid quiet support that gets the job done.

What naturally then happens when you receive subtle support, is that you start to notice it, and you also want to reciprocate.

It is easy to get self-absorbed in the midst of all the admiration you’re receiving and forget to pay attention to others.

The norm in our society dictates that we pay attention to the people who are the most outspoken or flamboyant, and we forget about the people who are always there for us behind the scenes.

Like a tree’s deep roots, which are invisible to the naked eye, and like a strong foundation for a tall building is unseen, both [roots and foundation] are essential to the stability of a structure.

Sawubona is about appreciating and recognising those who subtly support you; even if they don’t expect you to support them in return, you find yourself supporting them anyway.


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