The fact that Argentina won the Fifa World Cup yesterday put an end to any remaining doubts over Lionel Messi’s status as one of the best footballers in the history of the sport.

The character of a person when they are successful attracts me the most. Despite your prosperity, do you compromise your morals or do they remain the same?

Success tends to reveal or highlight some of the underlying flaws in people that we weren’t aware of prior to their success.

It’s easy to remain humble when you have nothing, the challenge is to remain humble when you are succeeding.

When you excel in your job, the difficulty is to always uphold your ideals of respect, humility, and being a good person.

What you achieve is important, but who you become in terms of values is important too.

Having talent and working hard on it is critically important, but remaining humble in the process is the work that truly matters.

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