Restaurants don’t charge for salt, but you’ll miss it if it’s not on your table.

Supermarkets don’t charge for paper carry-bags, but you’ll miss it if you have to carry all the stuff you bought.

Restaurants don’t charge for takeout containers, but you’ll miss them when not provided.

A smile is free yet very important while providing customer service since clients will feel it.

When you fill-up your tank at the petrol station, you are not charged more for the use of the bathrooms, but you will miss them greatly if they are not available.

Even if they don’t make much noise, many things are really important to our lives.

Don’t ignore important business aspects just because they are small, silent and customers aren’t paying for them.

Don’t take something for granted just because it’s quiet.

PS: I understand that certain costs are recouped through some product prices.

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