Shaka was in charge of more than 250,000 people and had more than 50,000 warriors at his disposal. What made him, a remarkable force to be reckoned with is due to three things:

1. He eliminated privilege and class. It makes perfect sense, Shaka was born out of wedlock and was consequently disowned by his family. It is not surprising that he has lost respect for the privilege and status that come with having royal blood in his veins. He had to work his way up, from being an outsider to be a King.

2) All the spoils of war taken from defeated armies were to be divided among Shaka’s warriors, and all resources were to be shared.

3) The elderly warriors should be treated with respect and be permitted to retire.

It turns out that young soldiers aspired to belong to Shaka’s army because if you work hard, and are fearless you are rewarded with a promotion to higher ranks.

Entrepreneurs can employ these three principles when assembling a team for their enterprises.

Recognise and honour hard workers, and divide the profits among the staff. In African culture, respect for the elderly [clients, co-workers etc] is of the utmost importance.

Success in life is a team sport.

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