Reading books has remained one of the most helpful activities for my intellectual development and expansion.

My perspective on life is still shaped in large part by the words I’ve read.

At no point in time should you give up reading books since it is not worth the ignorance that results.

If you think education is expensive, you should see how much it costs to be ignorant.

Here is my reading list for October 2022:

1. Like An Eagle – The Ultimate Blueprint For All Achievement by Dineo Molokoane

Dineo Molokoane is the subject of this book, which chronicles his incredible life story as an entrepreneur. She divulges her pearls of wisdom and the difficulties she faced when she first started her business. She talks about how she was poisoned while she was working and how she overcame those obstacles. The fact that so many valuable lessons are included in a single book makes it essential reading for entrepreneurs.

2. The Legend of Zola Mahobe and the Mamelodi Sundowns Story by Don Lepati and Nikolaos Kirkinis

Who takes the entire soccer team, players, management and their wives [or girlfriends] to go watch the FA cup final in London? This has to be one of the best stories I’ve ever read. It is one of those books that can be read in a single sitting because it is so captivating, a page-turner, and reads like a movie. It is a fantastic story about a man named Zola Mahobe, who went from poverty to riches and then to jail, but in the process helped elevate a soccer team to what it is now, becoming one of the best teams in South Africa.

3. Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World by Cal Newport

The ability to focus is the new IQ. Staying away from your smartphone and deep diving into work that matters is the new superpower. Since cell phones came out, my ability to focus has deteriorated. Small screens distract people so much that they can’t leave their phones alone. Cal dives deep into deep work and how to achieve it in a noisy world. This book gives practical advice.

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