Making a living selling alcoholic beverages might be lucrative, but it also means often interacting with customers who may be intoxicated or otherwise unruly, it also means dealing with people who are fun-loving, and easy to make friends with. It may also mean staying up late or working long days and especially on weekends.

The environment in which you spend the majority of your time shapes the person you become.

Some businesses call for patience with people [if you’re dealing with the elderly], others require you to be strict [if you’re dealing with teenagers], other businesses demand empathy [when dealing with people in pain] other businesses demand gentleness [when you’re dealing with people who are emotionally scared], other businesses require being extra cautious [when dealing with money] other businesses put your ethics to the test [if you’re dealing with politicians].

When you make a career or business decision, you’re not only making a financial one; you’re also making a decision about the kind of people you want to connect with on a daily basis, the kinds of problems you want to solve, the quality of those interactions, and ultimately, the kind of life you want to lead.

As you build your business, your business builds you.

It is not just a question of how much money you can make; rather, your decision will also influence the kind of life you will have.

When deciding on a line of work or business you want to be in, keep in mind that you are really deciding on a way of life you want to live.

The business you choose chooses the life you will live.

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