Have you ever bombed out on stage? Have you ever frozen on stage? Stage fright?

It is not bombing out if you forget the words.

It’s bombing out if you fail to connect.

Sometimes forgetting the words actually helps you connect. It is your vulnerability is that connects you to the audience.

Sure you feel a bit unprofessional if you forget the words or you don’t make sense [temporarily] but no one will remember that as long as you connect.

Connection matters.

I did, in fact, go completely numb during a high school debate once 🙂

PS: Yesterday, I was discussing African indigenous sounds with a music lecturer when I mentioned one of my favourite performers, Pops Mohammed. The lecturer told me that Pops Mohammed’s kora instrument is out of tune. Many individuals struggle to tune their koras. Pops just started playing the instrument as is out of tune. Uncle Pops produced audience-connecting music using an out-of-tune instrument.

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