In 1990, David Letterman asked his buddy Jerry Seinfeld about the progress of his new show.

Jerry said there was one frustrating problem: NBC supplied the show with teams of comedy writers, and he didn’t think they were getting much good material from them.

David Letterman: “Wouldn’t it be weirder if they were good?”

Jerry Seinfeld: “What do you mean?”

David Letterman: “Wouldn’t it be strange if they could all just produce reams of hilarious material day after day?”

Recalling the conversation a few years ago, Seinfeld laughed and told Letterman: “It’s supposed to be hard.”

Of course, it is.

There is no world in which even the most talented comedians are consistently good.

Doing things for the first time is hard, it’s supposed to be hard.

Then it get better with time.

The goal is not to give up the first time.

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