I love comedy, my favourite sitcom is Big Bang Theory, then Two and a Half Men, [thanks Chuck Lorre], then Sanford and Son [You BIG dummy!!!], Friends and so on…

I love watching Trevor Noah’s The Daily Show.

I also love watching Chris Rock.

Chris Rock on Netflix is brilliant.

Chris Rock at small-comedy clubs is average.

No one writes funny jokes every time. Every big comedian tests their material in small clubs first.

Rock elaborated:

When I start a tour, it’s not like I start out in arenas. Before this last tour I performed in this place in New Brunswick called the Stress Factory. I did about 40 or 50 shows getting ready for the tour.

Newspaper coverage of Rock’s performance at the Stress Factory reportedly depicted him stumbling through his performance to an uninterested crowd.

At some point, he announced: “I’m going to have to cut some of these jokes,” in the middle of his performance.

It’s always hard at the beginning. That’s why is better to fail in the small, to fail fast and fail forward. Fail during the rehearsals, not on the big stage. Fail at soccer practice, not at the finals.

When you start a new business, a new job, or a new project, it’s always hard at the beginning.

It’s supposed to be hard.

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