Winnie the Pooh, that wise old bear, once remarked, “It’s so much more friendly with two.” So it goes, then.

In addition to having a friend, though, there are other benefits.

Your chances of truly enhancing your behaviour improve as well. [You have firsthand experience with how challenging it is to put into practice the recommendations you read in a book]

Think about teaming up with someone else to help motivate each other to do work that truly matters.

Inquire of a close companion, a coworker, or a contact you’ve made online. Anywhere will do, all that matters is that you find one.

When you are looking for an accountability partner, trust is critical, and benevolence is important.

Then, make it a habit to check in on one another. Be supportive of one another, but don’t hesitate to kick each other’s butts if they fail to deliver.

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