If someone were to ask you about your job or your company, you would most likely respond by stating your job title and providing a summary of what you do, who you serve, where you do it, and how long you’ve been doing it.

It is highly doubtful that you will start by explaining to them your mission and vision, along with the reasons why these things are significant in the big scheme of things.

  • Where does your story really take place?
  • What motivated you to get out of bed this morning and face the day?

It is not simply to earn more money for your boss or to fulfil the obligation of selling some mediocre product that you have created.

It’s the profound, sometimes unspoken desire to change something you care about changing, along with the conviction that you can make that change happen.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the day-to-day that we lose sight of the big picture, and as a result, we pass up the chance to maximise on the potential of our individuality and the story of our experiences.

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