Working with entrepreneurs is one of my favourite things to do.

Not only do I take satisfaction in helping entrepreneurs grow, but I also enjoy learning valuable insights from them.

During the past week, I learned the following insights from entrepreneurs I engaged with:

  1. Maintaining a consistent personal routine might help one maintain attention and self-control. Sticking to a schedule makes it easier and faster to identify weak spots in your company. When things at home are chaotic, it’s hard to give 100% to your professional life. Maintain a low-key lifestyle that will allow you to give more attention to what really matters.
  2. You shouldn’t put your health at risk by chasing money. Don’t deplete yourself, you need the energy to be able to do the work. Pace yourself. Schedule time for resting.
  3. Business growth isn’t automatic. Plan beforehand. Prayer is not a business strategy. Plan, pray and then execute.
  4. It’s not about you [the entrepreneur], it’s about your customer. Always remember to put her first in everything that you do.
  5. Cash flow is more important than ideas. Businesses fail because they run out of cash, not ideas. Cash flow keeps you in the game.
  6. Humility continues to be an underrated competitive advantage. Those who are open to learning and receiving advice continue to have a quiet advantage over those who believe they know everything. Remain hungry, remain foolish.
  7. Keep your life as uncomplicated as possible. Live a simple lifestyle, even as your income increases. Retain a low-key lifestyle. No need to bling.
  8. Sometimes, things just don’t work out the way you expect them to. Don’t give in to the need to constantly whine and place blame. You have the opportunity to start over each day because you are still here. Every day, we are given this incredible gift of life. Don’t take it for granted.
  9. Keep your cool. The key is not to try to stifle your anger, but rather to learn to channel it in a healthy way. Be in charge of your anger instead of letting it rule your life.
  10. Being rejected hurts, but it is not the end. Take a deep breath, brush yourself off, and prepare to face the world. If it is worth it, you should keep going.
  11. Be a caring person. Hang around caring people. Do the work that matters with people who matter for people who matter.


12. Familiarity breeds contempt. Stop taking people for granted just because you know them too well. What you don’t appreciate, you don’t value.

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