In his book Invent and Wander: The Collection of Writings of Jeff Bezos, Jeff has a habit of doubling down on the idea that you should constantly be excited about your business in the same way that you were on the first day.

You need to maintain your desire to be successful.

Always approach each day as though it were the first day you started working for your dreams.

Keep your appetite, because it will help you accomplish more.

Steer clear of day 2 mentality, as it signifies entering your comfort zone; day 3 mentality denotes arrogance; the more days you add, the more comfortable you will get.

It may be one month later, three hundred days later, or five hundred days later, but for you, it’s still Day 1.

Maintain the same amount of excitement for your company as if it were still the first day. Maintain the mindset of a Day 1 team and stay away from the Day 2 mentality.

Every day presents a new challenge, in a sense, each day counts as day one of the voyage.

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