Getting attention is easy. Saying anything in front of a certain group will capture attention and elicit emotion.

No one, even ourselves, is fooled.

We know this isn’t long-term attention.

There is attention and then there is connection.

It is tempting to claim that attention and connection are two sides of the same coin; but… Could they be? Attention can exist without connection, but the connection is impossible to achieve without attention.

Attention has the potential to lead to connection, but it is not automatic. Someone can be paying attention to you but still feel no connection to you.

Connection is born from an initial spark of attention that captures and feeds the soul.

Attention is born from an initial spark of attraction that captures and feeds the ego.

Attention remains ephemeral and shallow, unless developed into connection.

Connection is meaningful, uplifting, nourishing when given the opportunity and right environment to extend and thrive.

Attention can be one sided and unconscious.

Connection requires two people willing to invest time and energy into growing together and is conscious/mindful.

Attention is instant gratification.

Connection is patience, compassion and love in the long term.

Attention is like fast food, it’s easy to get, but it’s bad for your health.

Connection, on the other hand, is like food that’s been prepared slowly and naturally.

Attention remains in the physical and mental realm.

Connection develops beyond the physical realm, into the spiritual one…

Maybe that child that appears to be attention seeking is in reality seeking a connection and validation.

Perhaps our true desire is not to be the centre of attention because you can be the centre of attention and not be the centre of connection.

Maybe what we really long for is connection. And real connection isn’t cheap or fast.

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