John Coltrane’s 20-second entrance in A Love Supreme, Pt. 2 – Resolution is my favourite part of the song and remains a highlight in my appreciation for jazz.

There are some things in life that will announce your presence even if you don’t do it yourself. No show-stopper, bells and whistles or drum majorettes required.

Your song is subtle, but it’s tremendous; your writing is amazing, but in a sneaky way; your beauty is subtle, but it grows on you; your power is quiet and delicate but yet effective.

A great piece of song, a subtle but sneakingly amazing writing, a subtle beauty that grows on you, the quiet and soften power.

John Coltrane was not a particularly talkative and loud person; instead, he let his musical genius do the talking.

Pharoah Sanders says the following about Coltrane:

“I loved being around him because I don’t talk that much, either. It was just good vibes between us both. We were just very quiet.”

I absolutely adore what Alice Coltrane says about her husband:

“It was so interesting when John created A Love Supreme. He had meditated that week. I almost didn’t see him & it was so quiet! There was no sound, no practice! He was up there meditating & when he came down he said, “I have a whole new music!”

John Coltrane. Amazing player and composer. Quiet and spiritual. One of the greatest.

In the 1950s and 1960s, Miles Davis epitomised coolness. John Coltrane wasn’t cool; he was a serious, hardworking, unassuming and quiet man.

Just quietly do the work, put in the hours, no announcements, no big launches, no show-offs, no drawing attention to yourself.

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