If an email discussion goes on for more than four back-and-forth emails without making any progress, stop. Pick up the phone and call.

A minute of back and forth communication is too lengthy, regardless of the chat technology you use. Pick up the phone and call.

Do not send any further texts until the issue has been resolved. Pick up the phone and call.

If you’re texting while driving, you should stop immediately. Pick up the phone and call [on speaker].

Alternatively, if you live or work near these people, meet them face-to-face.

When it comes to some specifics, having a conversation over the phone is preferable to sending an email or text message.

and other details are best discussed in person rather than over the phone.

Asynchronous communication has a beginning and an end, and thus can only be used in certain contexts. It’s best to just utilise it when it’s going to work.

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