When it comes to making judgments, Barry Schwartz’s study shows that people tend to fall into two categories: satisficers and maximisers.

Some people want the finest possible outcome [maximisers], while others are content with a result that meets a certain standard [satisficers].

This does not imply, however, that satisficers are content with mediocrity. As long as it fulfils their standards, they aren’t concerned about whether or not it is the finest in the world.

There is a good chance that most people fall somewhere in the middle. However, most individuals choose to choose one or the other.

Barry Schwartz contends that maximisers spend a lot of time and effort on many judgments that really don’t matter as much as satisficers do, and that this is one reason why satisficers tend to be happier than maximisers.

I feel the same way.

Growing up, I had strong maximizer inclinations until a few years ago. In my experience, there are few things worth maximizing.

Satisficing is stress-free and enjoyable since you rely on others’ research. Maximisers spend too much time sanitising and editing instead of enjoying and creating.

You could certainly spend a lot of time perfecting that draft. However, polishing should only be done to items that actually deserve to be polished. In addition, it usually takes a lot of time spent generating things before you get to the point where you can polish them.

Next time you need to buy anything, ask friends with similar likes or choose the most popular item on Amazon.

Despite what many people believe, it is not always necessary to have the very finest. When it comes to most things, “good enough” is sufficient. And for the few things that you conclude are worthy of being maximised, make sure that you enjoy the process of polishing them…

Are you a satisficer or maximiser?

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