Donna, Sanford’s girlfriend, corners Fred while he’s lonely since Lamond is travelling to discuss their relationship. Will Fred marry her?

Elizabeth, Fred’s lovely wife, passed away some time ago, and now Fred Sanford has been dating Donna.

Now Fred is in a quandary after Donna’s ultimatum.

He doesn’t want to lose Donna, but he still misses his late wife Elizabeth with all of his heart.

Fred, clutching his late wife’s picture in his hands, begins a spectacular soliloquy in which he asks her permission to wed Donna.

He admits that the absence of Lamont has caused him to suffer from feelings of isolation and loneliness.

I’ll never forget what he said next, he said [I paraphrase]:

“Elizabeth, we have had an amazing time together, you were not supposed to leave before me, I miss you so much… I met this lovely lady, she is amazing, she wants to get married, I feel like I’m going to lose her.”

And then says something that got me thinking:

“You see Elizabeth, I’m lonely, I have been lonely for a while, I need your permission honey, this lady will take your space, but she won’t take your place.”

This last sentence got to me: she will take your space, but won’t take your place.

There are certain people that take up space in your life, while others find a place in your heart.

Philosopher Yi-Fu Tuan and geographer Edward Relph are two of the most influential scholars in the field of space and place definitions.

They both seem to see the boundary between place and space as being nearly identical.

The say something along these lines:

Space is something abstract, without any substantial meaning. While place refers to how people are aware of/attracted to a certain piece of space. A place can be seen as a space that has a meaning.

Space is abstract and a place has meaning.

Can a space without meaning be converted into a place with meaning? I think so.

Can a place that used to have meaning become a space without meaning? I’m not sure.

PS: Understanding the difference between a house and a home is another way to look at space and place.

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