When you start something, you assume you’ve covered all the bases and can do it alone. When things go wrong, you realise you need a partner, a running companion, or a sounding board.

Another remarkable episode of My Biggest Blunders: Stories of Entrepreneurs Failing Forward took place on Thursday, 30 June 2022.

My Biggest Blunders: Stories of Entrepreneurs Failing Forward is a platform for entrepreneurs and professionals to discuss the mistakes they’ve made along the way as they’ve built their businesses and careers.

We had two remarkable speakers, an author who wrote three amazing novels, and a serial entrepreneur with interests in various businesses.

The following are the lessons from the session:

  1. Don’t overpromise and underdeliver – It is detrimental to your reputation in your industry to overpromise and then fall short of those promises. Your company will lose its credibility, which will inevitably result in a drop in sales..
  2. Learn as you go – You will make mistakes, learn from them as you go through this entrepreneurship adventure. Make fresh mistakes instead of repeating the old ones. Every mistake you make is an opportunity to grow. A good crisis should never be wasted.
  3. Get people [beta reader] who can quality check your work before shipping it. – Always make it a point to find someone who is capable of checking the quality of your work; doing so means that any blind spots you may have may be fixed before the finished product is sent out for delivery.
  4. Get expert opinions – This will guarantee that you are carrying out the appropriate tasks in the appropriate manner and will contribute to the improvement of the quality of your products.
  5. Don’t be too hard on yourself, you will make mistakes, it’s okay. – You will make mistakes, forgive yourself but never be comfortable. Keep trying your best.
  6. Don’t compromise quality of service trying to save money – Obsessing over saving money at the expense of quality puts your business at risk. Consumers will be unhappy, and unhappy customers mean less sales for your business in the long run.
  7. It is costly get things cheap – Always seeking for deals could end up costing you more money in the long run, so be careful about how you approach this kind of shopping.
  8. Mentorship is important – Put yourself in the company of seasoned professionals in your field. Professionals will help you in ways that you probably aren’t even aware of yet.
  9. Partnership with experienced experts is crucial – When working on large projects that you may not be able to complete on your own, forging partnerships with other experienced people is critical.
  10. Reward your experts more – If you want the best, you’ll have to pay for it. On your journey, they will save you a lot of tension and headaches.

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