When discussing the success of entrepreneurs, it is common practice to do so as if it were a linear process.

Entrepreneurship is not you start here, then here, and voila! You’re a success story.

Entrepreneurship isn’t a straight line, it’s a bumpy road with ups and downs. Most of the time, the downs outnumber the ups.

You will inevitably make big mistakes, and you will have a difficult time sticking to your budget, paying employees and rent on time, and so on.

There are many hurdles and blunders that are not covered in book chapters or articles that are associated with entrepreneurship.

Real entrepreneurship is not what is written in textbooks.

At some point, we need to face facts about the genuine difficulties that come with running a business.

You can never stop learning from your mistakes… You made a mistake, but I’m sure you’ll do better the next time.

A failure in marketing occurs when the product that you produced and the market do not line up well.

A failure of impatience results in growing too fast and experiencing cash flow problems.

The existence of a problem serves as both an invitation and a challenge to discover a solution to the issue at hand.

Tonight, we share two stories of entrepreneurs failing forward.

You are invited to this free online event of My Biggest Blunders | Stories of Entrepreneurs Failing Forward:

Time: 1830 – 2000 [CAT]

Platform: Zoom

Register: https://forms.gle/6zT9xNJBKJH9vMJr8

See you tonight.

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