Hand-washing prevents illness.

Keeping fatty foods away keeps you lean.

And digital provocation and habits make you productive [or crazy]:

1. Turn off your phone’s email alerts and social media notifications.

2. Avoid reading any of the people’s comments. Not on your postings, not on other people’s posts, and not anywhere else. Nothing to do with the reviews or the trolls.

3. De-escalate email anger or on any social platform.

4. While driving, put your phone in the glove compartment.

5. Spend your creative hour creating things, not responding to things.

Adopting a new habit is challenging, but once you do, it’s quite pleasant. Really worth it.

One thought on “The five steps towards online hygiene

  1. Good day Dr,

    Thanks for sharing this Dr, I’m currently on a month long break from Facebook and Instagram. This piece will help me form new habits of online activity.


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