It is easy to be humble when one is poor. Not so easy to be humble when one is making money.

Have a raise? Buy a bigger car!

Have a raise? Buy a car!

Have you received your bonus? Acquire a home!

Have you been promoted? Buy new shoes!

Sold your company? Buy a yacht!

Have you landed a nice gig? Buy a flashy car!

How else can you display your achievements?

How else will your loved ones know you are “the man,” that you have arrived?

How else will you join the ranks of “successful” and “VIP” people?

People who are important to you don’t care about what car you drive. They were already there for you when you didn’t have a car. Those who are attracted to you just because of your shiny vehicle aren’t really interested in anything else about you than your shiny stuff.

Do not lead a showy lifestyle. It attracts the wrong kind of people, and more significantly, it increases your operating overheads.

Overheads kill. To become an entrepreneur, you must be able to act faster. You must be willing to take risks.

Your agility and willingness to take risks are slowed down by the overheads associated with a flashy lifestyle.

Do not live a lavish lifestyle. Live a simple lifestyle.

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