Both Cain and Abel made their way to the shore of the massive lake.

They had never seen anything even remotely similar to it before.

As Abel looked into the water, he remarked: “There’s something inside it,” but he was completely unaware that what he was seeing was his own reflection.

Cain had the same observation about seeing someone inside the lake and raised his stick in response.

Cain remained standing while anticipating the strike, and his image did the same.

Abel looked at the water’s surface and made some observations. When he smiled, the picture also smiled back at him. He let out a hearty chuckle and looked over to see the other person laughing just like him.

Cain’s thoughts as they left the lake are as follows:

“What vicious people live in there! I’ve never seen anything like that!”

Then Abel spoke to himself, saying:

“I’d like to come back because I met someone who was funny and kind.”


We are all in the same lake, looking at our own reflections, but we see differently. One sees good, another evil.

There is a lot of truth in what you see.

Mirrors mirror people’s personalities, and those who are cynical or kind and caring will be reflected back to them.

What do you see?

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