When customers complain about a product or service, the primary source of their dissatisfaction is frequently the inability of the customer service representative to get around the system and fulfil the customer’s requests.

The most intriguing aspect of great customer service is when it goes against what the system instructs employees not to do.

Great customer service is when you add extra avo and cheese to my order even though it’s not on the menu, when you offer me an extra hour late checkout, allow me to customise my car, a traffic cop that helps with changing a tyre or when you tell a regular customer, “Pay when you’re ready, for now, enjoy the show.”

If I want extra avocado and cheese, charge me extra, but don’t say the system won’t allow it.

If you want to provide excellent service to your consumers, avoid telling them of anything that the system does not permit. Find a way to put a smile on their faces.

The paradox of great customer service is that the best service goes above and beyond what the system allows.

If you are here to help, then kindly help.

PS: Systems and processes are necessary. Rule-bending shouldn’t mean rule-breaking.

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