The concept of liberty refers to an attitude. It is possible to view it as an opportunity for freedom or as a promise that was made but was not followed.

We have the option of taking part in something or remaining on the sidelines.

Responsibility is both the offer and the promise made by liberty, as well as its essential prerequisite, a readiness to connect with those around us and to respond with dignity to their needs and concerns.

Cooperation and being connected to others are actually at the heart of independence.

However, we have established systems that restrict what we see, how we engage with others and shield us from the laborious job that is directly in front of us.

It is telling that one of the most significant words I am familiar with does not have a straightforward translation into English. Sawubona is a Zulu phrase that translates to “We see you.”

Sawubona, we see you, not simply your physical appearance, of course, but also your hopes, your fears, your dreams, your background, and the path you plan to take in the future. We are not very good at this, so I need to work on improving my performance in this area.

Sawubona is a symbol of the significance of recognising the existence of others and focusing our attention on the other individual. When we embrace one another in this manner, we are affirming and recognising the other person’s humanity at that moment.

As humans, we crave the opportunity to be seen, to be visible, not just physically but emotionally.

Finding the most effective means to see, observe, comprehend, and care about people we collectively refer to as “us” can be a very challenging endeavour. And essential.


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