Many studies suggest that our behaviours are highly influenced by the default option.

Given how crucial defaults are to decision making, it’s helpful to ask, “What’s my default?”

For instance, we can choose to:

– Trust or to doubt.

– Talk a lot or listen a lot.

– Take responsibility or make excuses.

– Read a non-fiction book or scroll further down our Facebook feed.

– Ask the hard question or stay silent.

– Always look for fault or be solution minded.

– Acknowledge mistakes and learn from them or pretend they didn’t happen.

– Observe or judge.

– Save or spend.

– Respond with fantastic attitude or be defensive and prickly.

– Love or hate.

– Exercise or watch TV.

– Care or be ambivalent.

Our activities are inclined to follow our default setting, no matter what we decide.

It is on us to choose wisely.

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