Just a random notion that occurred to me while watching a football game yesterday.

In most cases, a ‘good touch’ is the difference between a good footballer and a great football player.

What makes a good final touch? The ability to bring the ball down seamlessly by using a delicate or light touch is essential.

It is those who have the most skill in cricket who are able to control the most difficult of deliveries with soft hands.

The most talented pianists are those who are able to bring forward the melody while nearly caressing the keyboard keys.

The toughest leaders are regarded for being tough, but gentle at the same time.

It appears that the better you are, the softer the touch, and the higher the level of competence.

The best jazz players are known to be hard on themselves and soft on their music.

The remarkable novels are those that can hit you hard and at the same time gently massage your soul.

After all, even the most famously romantic of Zulu men are known to use gentle persuasion to win the hearts of their female counterparts.

Precision and sensitivity are required at the highest levels of competition.

In a gentle way, you can shake the world.

I believe that is applicable in a lot of circumstances. 🙂

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